I love your goo

I have tried so hard to get into the Crash Test Dummies’ Give Yourself A Hand album. It’s not my thing, and I don’t like the “electronic” aspect of it. I guess I’m one of the more traditionalist fans that prefer the original CTD sound that I grew accustomed to from their first three albums. When they recorded Give Yourself A Hand, they went in a completely different direction with a completely different sound- nothing that I was used to from them, and I don’t love it. “Keep A Lid On Things” is a weird, goofy song. The lyrics seem really simple, but I think the message is deeper for some of them.

However, I feel like Brad wrote some of those lines because he really just didn’t have anything else to fit. And I’m sorry to say that, but they just don’t really resonate with me. I think he was just coming up with words to fill the verses, like “who put the fun in the funhouse?” But I could be wrong. Maybe they have a deeper meaning that I’m not understanding. Who put the words in this word salad? Brad did, I guess.

The only song that I really like from that album is “I Love Your Goo”. It’s a really good song, and it’s pretty interesting to hypothesize about what is really happening. The song is sexy and catchy, with creepy lyrics. Is he singing to a woman who he loves so much that he is expressing that he loves every part of her, even what’s underneath her exterior? And maybe he’s saying that he will still love her after she’s dead. Perhaps…

But I tend to agree with the more popular theory that he is indeed singing to a dead girl. Did he love her and she died, so he kept her body? Or is he a necrophiliac who killed a woman and is now defiling her corpse? Somehow, either way, he makes it sound sexy!

By the way, Brad, I have a great idea for a video for this. I guess it’s too late for that, but maybe not. I’ll tell you what it is if I am cast as the dead girl, and you play my lover. 🤣 If you aren’t interested then I’ll just save it for a story idea. 🙂

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