Her Name Was Sam, a short film on the original CTD YouTube channel, run by Brad Roberts

Here’s one that boggles the mind and has no explanation. The short film begins with a narration by Brad, where he explains that two roommates need a third or they can’t stay in their place. One of these guys is – you guessed it- played by Brad! The other guy suggests his sister to which Brad replies, “Fuck your sister, dude. Take out an ad!” Then Narrator Brad introduces Sam, who comes in to meet them and decides to sign the lease. Both men seem pleased. Cut to a week later, and we see the two men getting cozy with Sam. They seem to be getting along well, and there’s a really obnoxious conversation that takes place about being “real” whilst roommate #2 scoops the litter box. There’s also a scene between the three where Sam is confiding her problems with a coworker and out of nowhere, Brad begins talking about transcendental deduction (because he’s Brad… Duh!) while puffing a cigarette, and he doesn’t even finish his thought. Roommate #2 shoots him a perplexed look and goes back to the conversation about Sam’s office troubles. Brad doesn’t seem to notice and laughs right along with them.

Then Narrator Brad lets us know something is awry by telling us that things are not always what they seem….. Hmmm, what’s next? Ahh , Cut to Sam staring solemnly into the bathroom mirror before downing a bottle of pills. Brad’s character knocks on the bathroom door to see what’s taking her so long, and then enters. Shocked by what he sees, he calls his roommate to have a look. The next scene we see is Brad sitting on the couch saying that this is the “darkest shit he’s ever been involved with” and asks if they should call her family. The camera pans to the roommate, who says he can’t let her go and he “needs” her. We then see Sam lying lifeless on the other sofa. Narrator Brad tells us that this show is the most daring show HBO has ever made. And that Playboy has called it “scary and plausible”. We then see Brad struggling to keep Dead Sam upright at the table as the men play a game of cards. Her Name Was Sam…

First impressions, besides what the fuck did I just watch?

No, really. What the fuck did I just watch?

Firstly, Brad has a mullet and thick sideburns that are edging into mutton chop territory. We are in the era that I like to call “Hillbilly Brad”.

Second, I have no idea who these other two are in this film.

Third, I have no idea why this film was made. My only theory is that it was an audition tape for his attempt at voice acting.

Fourthly, it’s actually pretty funny for an amateur film.

Fifth, Brad makes a great narrator. If he had succeeded at voice acting, I would absolutely love listening to him.

Sixth, what the fuck is this, Brad? We deserve answers, man!

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