My review of Sam’s Town Hotel in Tunica MS… Very unhappy!

Sam’s Town Hotel

& Gambling Hall

Tunica Mississippi


Unexpected deposit fee of $50 required. Pool is no longer available to children & hotel does not inform prospective guests of this. Booking sites need to add this information to their description of hotel.

Rude staff, long hallways & terrible parking which makes hotel totally inaccessible for the disabled!!! Valet service is non-existent. Had a lot of trouble getting to my room. By the time I made it into the hotel & down the long hallway to the elevator, I was drenched in sweat, in pain, & completely out of breath! Need better options for disabled parking & entry!

The review button on their Facebook page has been removed. Probably bc there are so many complaints lately. This place has really gone downhill. The room was HOT & stuffy. Air just wasn’t putting out enough. Apparently lots of guests have complained about that. No microwave in room!

Came to tunica for a last “hurrah” before starting back to school & to see my sister before she leaves the country again. We had planned to spend the entire afternoon & evening in the pool after we checked in , bc we haven’t had many options for swimming this summer. I’ve only been twice! Anyway we get here, to a place we have been a couple times before & know to be family friendly, & they inform us that the kids can’t swim! You have to be 21!!! I was furious! Sam’s Town has always allowed children in the pool, even when we came here 20 years ago! The kids and I were so disappointed. This is why we picked this hotel! Our plans for today were completely ruined. Everyone was grumpy, my son cried all day, just ugh! I don’t understand why they would start this policy suddenly this year & not even inform guests beforehand! Will not be coming back! 😡😡😡😡😡

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