Netflix shows to binge this summer

So far, I’ve binged a couple of shows this summer. When Thirteen Reasons Why season 2 was released, I started at the beginning and watched both seasons. That show is magnificent. It’s a really great show about bullying, date rape, and its consequences. I know it’s kinda targeted towards teens, but I won’t let my teen watch it. She’s 14. Now an older kid could probably watch it with no issues. Butt if your kid doesn’t really understand the details of sex , including oral, I wouldn’t allow them to see it. It’s not for innocent minds! Which may be one of the show’s main lessons. High school corrupts kids. Also, there is an absolutely brutal rape scene towards the end of the season in which a male is the victim & is assaulted with an object. It is really hard to watch.

I also watched Dear White People’s first two seasons. It is very funny & something that all white people need to see, quite honestly! Touchy subjects are handled with seriousness & humor when appropriate. But once again, it is not for kids due to high sexual content!

My daughter’s recommendation is Call the Midwife. This is a great British drama/comedy about nuns & midwives in 1950s England serving their local community through social work, midwifery, & postnatal services. It’s a really great show & most anyone can watch it, except maybe the very young.

Another one of my daughters recommendations is The Crown, of course. I’m sure most of you have heard of that one. But if not, it’s about Queen Elizabeth’s reign. I’d say it’s pretty kid- friendly.

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