How to maintain multi-colored/rainbow/fantasy hair

I do not claim to be a professional. I’ve tried doing my hair fun colors for most of my life. But I’ve never been able to make it last. So when I decided to try it again, I made sure to do it right. I went to a salon instead of doing it at home. I requested that my hair be foiled with multiple colors.

I was warned many times how hard it would be to maintain & how quickly it would fade. But honestly I have not had that problem, and I’ve had this hair for almost a full month. I would say it is almost, if not completely, as vibrant as it was after the first wash.

I washed it two days after it was colored, mainly because I had it all over my scalp & hairline. Unfortunately the color on the back lower section immediately washed out. I think this might have been due to it being a lighter color or just not applied well somehow. All the colors were Redken brand, and honestly I was very impressed with them! They are all vibrant and much brighter than I ever would have imagined.

So how am I keeping it up?

#1 It takes commitment, as any hair stylist will tell you.

#2 You have to get used to not washing your hair. 😱

If you wash your hair daily, you have to stop. The more you shampoo, the quicker it fades. As they say, dry shampoo will become your new best friend! In the four weeks mine has been colored, I have shampooed it only four times!

Now what do you do in the meantime?

#3 Dry Shampoo! You probably won’t have to use it every day. And be warned it does add extra volume to your hair & makes it appear thicker. This makes it harder to get a brush through it bc of the texture change. So if you flat iron your hair, I would do so after you first shampoo. Then straighten again if you must BEFORE applying the dry shampoo. The flat iron doesn’t go through very smoothly when your hair is full of the powdery substance that is dry shampoo. So you’ll want to be sure to shop around for the best brand that has low residue. I’m new to the dry shampoo world, so what I did was go through each brand on the shelf & smelled it. If I liked it, I would shake it up and spray some on my hand. If it left a large powdery spot on my hand, I assumed that meant it would do the same on my hair. My method may be totally wrong, but that’s how I found my product. Every dry shampoo will leave a little residue when you spray it, you then rub it into your scalp and roots. If the residue is too high, then your hair is going to start to have a powdery , dusty appearance, and no one wants that!

#4 Wear a shower cap!

A shower cap has just become part of my routine now. I take showers instead of baths, so I always don my cap before getting in. I would recommend it even if you are bathing. If your hair gets wet, your hair will fade faster because there is always some color on there that will run off in the water. That includes rain! Remember, your color is not truly permanent. But you can fool people into thinking it is if you treat it right!

You also want to keep your cap on even when you intend to wash your hair. I wash my body first then I take off the cap & shampoo lightly with sulfate free product. After I rinse, I slather on my conditioner & replace my cap. I rinse my body & then take off the cap & rinse my hair with cool water. This closes the cuticle & holds the color .

#5 No swimming! Or if you do, wear a proper swim cap! Chlorine can strip the color right out of your hair, or turn it a weird color that you don’t want! (Think moldy green!)

#6 Keep your hair out of direct sunlight! The sun will cause your hair to fade as well! Heat causes fading, which brings me to the last rule:

#7 Keep the heat products to a minimum. Flat iron, curl, crimp sparingly. This will cause more fading & more damage to your hair which is already in a fragile state from the bleaching it just endured!

It may sound like a lot, but it is really easy to keep your hair beautiful & vibrant. And if all else fails, & your hair won’t stop fading , try Over tone! But be prepared to spend $30 a color on the Deep Conditioning Treatment, which is the best way to restore your color! Good luck & have fun with your new beautiful hair!

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