Democrats, LEAD by example!

First of all, just want to say I really do love Maxine Waters. I am usually onboard with what she has to say. I cannot, however, be onboard with her recent message to the Resistance, and that is “harass the Trump administration until they make changes”. So let’s take this back a step to Sarah Sanders experience over the weekend. She was asked to leave the Red Hen restaurant by the owner. Apparently this was done in a civil conversation when the owner asked to speak with her outside. The owner explained that her employees were not comfortable with Sanders there. The owner explained to media outlets that she has some minority employees, some who are LGBT, and they felt that Sanders represented the Trump agenda and it made them feel uneasy to have her in the restaurant.

Okay so this takes us back to the baker who refused to make a wedding cake for the gay couple . The Supreme Court recently ruled that the baker was within his rights to deny them a cake, because it went against his religious beliefs. I do not agree with the Supreme court on this, and I seriously don’t think the same Supreme Court would have had the same vote two years ago. So I can see how some would argue that if the baker doesn’t have to bake a cake for gay couples, then the Red Hen doesn’t have to serve Sanders. I’m pretty sure it was not illegal to ask her to leave. But the question is… Do we really want to be like the baker now? Do Democrats want to be the ones turning away people who we don’t share the same values with? Personally, I do not want to be lumped in that category with a homophobic baker or Kim Davis.

Now Maxine Waters is encouraging Dems to not let those involved in this Administration get a moment’s peace. I get the anger and outrage. I have it too. I get the notion that these people should not be able to carry on with their happy lives when they have 2,000 children locked in cages and separated from their parents! These people are causing direct human suffering. No, they should not get any peace. That is not Justice. But we cannot be the ones disturbing their peace. Waters’ call for civil unrest could go wrong really quickly. For once , I agree with Meghan Mccain on that. This is dangerous. It could also be criminal. Democrats should not be crossing that line. We should not burn down our houses and destroy the legitimacy of our platform. Let the Republicans do that. They are good at being the bad guys. Dems need to keep it clean and keep it on message.

If I owned a business, and Trump walked in, would I serve him? Yes, begrudgingly, I would. And I may also make some suggestions about how he goes about things. I’m not saying keep your mouth shut. I’m saying keep it civil.

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