Making new year’s resolutions that will stick

This is probably the #1 problem with new year’s resolutions!  Sticking to them! So for years I have opted to resolve to nothing.  This year I decided to something a little different.  There are goals I want to accomplish before my eventual death, & I need to get started!  So this year my resolution is to BE BETTER &DO BETTER.  I am compiling a list of all of my goals in life that I still have great desire to achieve.  We only get one life unfortunately, and by the time we’ve learned the lessons we needed to learn, our time is up! All we can do is hope we’ve passed on some trinkets of wisdom down to SOMEONE, particularly those we hold dear. For most people, that’s our children . For childless individuals, that may be a niece, nephew, brother, sister, mentee, close friends, etc.  We all want a legacy. Let’s face it.
I’m making my list, and I’m going to do what I can. It may not be exactly all that j wanted to accomplish, but if I can do SOMETHING to make myself and my kids better, then it is certainly worth it. One of those things is finally writing in my blog!  So hi, here I am, and I am going to TRY to keep up with it 😂 yeah, we’ll see…

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