Disrespected & Unappreciated 

I feel like no one respects my time or what I need to do. Nobody cares that my kids didn’t get a summer break. Nobody cares that they don’t have what they need for school Friday.  Nobody cares that my house and belongings are being destroyed daily.  And I’m sure this will make people pissed as hell, but this is how I feel currently, and it is so upsetting.  This used to be a world that reached out and helped each other, and it’s just not anymore. I don’t know what happened, but I’m just not seeing the same brotherly or sisterly love.  When you took someone a hot meal bc they are struggling. Or you ask if they need a break.  I’m not even seeing that from my own family, and I’m sorry to complain but enough is enough.  I’m just tired.  I FEEL LIKE NOBODY GIVES A DAMN. THIS IS A SELFISH SELFISH WORLD, AND MAYBE I’M SELFISH TOO, BUT IT IS WHAT IT IS.  I’M JUST DONE BEING NICE AND TAKING IT.  BUT I’M SURE I’LL DO IT ANYWAY. ****sigh****
And just wanted to mention that I have some wonderful supportive friends and family, and I’m certainly not talking about them.  We  also had a remarkable outpouring of support when my dad died, and we were so appreciative of that. I know people have their own busy lives and small bank accounts so I’m not expecting to be catered to.  It just seems like everyone has disappeared….. And “it’s the thought that counts” is more than a phrase.  It truly does mean the world. Even a simple phone call. That’s all I’m saying.

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