Crash Test Dummies, God Shuffled His Feet tour

Shout-out to Bacchus and Metallicanor and anyone else whose videos I have linked here. These guys work hard to get these videos uploaded for us to enjoy! Bacchus has a great library full of CTD performances and footage. It’s really amazing! Check them out and subscribe :

Jay Leno, June 21, 1994

Munich, Germany July 13, 1994

Italy, July 14, 1994

Phoenix Festival, July 16, 1994

David Letterman, 1994

MTV Most Wanted, October 27, 1994 “God Shuffled His Feet” & “In The Days of the Caveman”

Paris, October 31, 1994

Rose Records, Chicago IL, 1994

David Letterman, July 2, 1995

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