My review of Thrive

So I finally tried the “women’s vitamins” from Thrive, and I wanted to share my experience. First I will disclose that the conditions of the experiment were not perfect. I had woken up at 4am because I usually can’t get more than 5 hours sleep at a time. So I took both pills at about 10am because it took a lot of internal debate to even decide to take them. I admit I am biased & apprehensive about Thrive. I worry that it will speed up my heart rate & raise my blood pressure, the way drugs like Adipex do. Thrive claims to be all natural, but I suspect it contains something similar to Phentermine, based on the symptoms some people have reported.

So, I already felt strange that day. I woke up at 4am, with this overwhelming drive to be productive. I wanted to write or create something so badly. I was tired, but I was way too hyped to go back to sleep. The day didn’t go as planned. I had to run errands, pick my daughter up from school bc she got sick. I had my son with me bc he’s just stubborn and crazy. By the time I started heading for the library to write, it was 2pm & started to feel a huge crash. I was wiped out. It is not uncommon for me to get really tired and need a nap during the day, but this crash seemed really intense.

I bought a frappe with a double shot of expresso & headed to the library. My computer was acting up so I didn’t get anything done. By 3pm I felt completely in a daze. I was exhausted & felt like I couldn’t even move. I packed up the laptop & went home. I came in and told the kids I was taking a nap. I slept for 3 hours &I woke up feeling so much better. The Thrive was out of my system, & I felt normal again. I was able to go back to sleep that night with no problems. I slept until 7am.

So, how long did I “thrive”? About 4 hours.

Did I feel any physical symptoms? Yes, my heart rate was up, & I am pretty sure I experienced mild clenching of my jaw. My heart rate sometimes feels slightly raised when I’m really tired & have to be active bc I’m forcing my body to go when it doesn’t want to, but I’m pretty sure in this instance it was raised because of the Thrive. I felt that “speed” effect.

Did it make me jittery? It depends on what you consider jittery. Maybe only slightly. I mostly felt like my heart rate was up, and I felt tense. My mind was racing with ideas, but my body was just unable to keep up. I would almost compare this to a manic phase. Is that considered jittery?

My take on Thrive- if you have a healthy heart & a healthy body, you will probably get some benefit, as far as more physical activity & more motivation and energy. But beware- pay attention to your heart rate, your body, see if you feel tense, etc. It would probably be good to go to the doctor while you are “thriving” to check your BP& heart rate. Usually this type of pill raises your BP& that means it is not safe. That’s why I had to quit taking Stacker many years ago.

Would I try thrive again? Yes. I think I would. I would like to try it after a good night’s sleep, to see if I experience the crash again & to see if I can get more than 4 hours of energy out of it. I do intend to speak to my doctor about it, & get his input. But since there are medical professionals in town currently using & selling Thrive,I have a feeling he will think it is okay as long as my BP is normal.

Keep in mind that Thrivers use this product with the notion that it is all-natural. However, I seriously question this claim. If Thrive contains less caffeine than a cup of coffee, how do you explain the energy? It’s NOT from vitamins.

If I do try Thrive again, I will be sure to write about review. In the meantime, be smart and Thrive with caution!

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