Rick’s Explosive Exit

So, The Walking Dead tonight was positively mind-blowing! More than I ever thought it would be! The ending definitely threw viewers for a loop, when we were certain Rick was going to die! Instead, Jadis/Anne found him lying on the bank of the river and convinced the “magic helicopter” to take them both to the mystery place. How funny was it that Rick finally caught the same helicopter he was probably chasing in the first episode?

So there’s going to be a lot of theories about this, and before I read anyone else’s,I want to put mine out there.

Theory #1

The helicopter people are looking for freshly bitten humans. They are working on a cure, and they need them in order to do experiments with. These people will likely die which is why Anne was so hesitant about finding an A because she knew that she would be killing them even if it was for a greater good. So an A is a freshly bitten human. B is a human who has not been bitten.

Theory #2

Same theory about the helicopter people. An A is a walker newly turned. B is a human.

Theory #3

These magic helicopter people are actually aliens from another planet. Rick has just been whisked away to some far off galaxy to a planet that resembles Earth. They want to stop the walker virus before it starts on their on planet. They are trying to figure out what caused it so they will know how to prevent it from happening to them. (I like this theory the best 😂)

So if I’m right, the question still remains – where is Rick? What’s going to happen to him? Can he trust Anne? Is he safe? Well, many questions remain! Also, why did the helicopter people take Rick? Anne told them, “He’s a B. He’s hurt, but he’s strong.” Is Rick somewhere held captive? Will he be an integral part in finding a cure? I don’t think he’s going to stay there willingly, but will he have to pay a price for having his life saved? All these questions will be unanswered for a while. As for the movies, I’m kind of excited. I just hope it doesn’t ruin what we have with The Walking Dead. And I hope that the time jump isn’t going to change everything either. We deserve to see our group mourn Rick Grimes. We deserve to mourn with them. To gloss over his “death” with a time jump is a terrible disservice to the fans. I am hoping that the beginning of next week’s show shows us some of the time after the bridge blew up so we can see how our group handles that. Daryl, Michonne, Maggie, and Carol in particular.

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