Happy New Year!!!

Hello again! I wish I could say it’s my exciting life keeping me away, but not really. I’ve been busy with the kids and the rest of the time I’m sleeping or binging a TV show. Haven’t been out of the house much since November it seems.

I’ve been trying to decide how to proceed with this blog. I’m not sure why I never feel like writing. I think it’s because I feel I have nothing to say that anyone will read. And it’s hard for me to just sit and post a long opinion piece, etc that is cohesive and looks like an “article” that I could share. But you know what I finally decided?

Maybe right now, my blog should be for the Adult ADD reader with the short attention span like me. I hate reading long articles. They are time consuming! My reading comprehension is not wonderful. It’s always taken me a long time to get through books and articles. Fast readers amaze me.

So I’m going to start blogging more and try to get my “brand” off the ground. I always thought I’d grow up to do great things, but it feels like life cheated me. But really it was just those around me. One in particular.

So, there will be more blogs coming. Short opinion pieces (think Facebook post style) and I’m also gonna post the crazy comments I see on FB bc these people make me sad for the world. Too many Donald Trumps out there for sure. So have a great year, and I hope to gain some readers in the following months (bc right now I’m just talking to myself 😂).

Happy New Year from glitzygrrl! Let’s all make it great!

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