I love to sleep

Idk if I’m not that great at blogging or I just have too much ADD. I guess both. So much is going on lately, and I’m exhausted all the time. They say if you sleep all day and are sleepy when you are awake, and then awake during the night, that you are probably depressed.  But I  don’t think that applies to me. I think I’m just TIRED.  This body of mine is tired all the time!  I just look at a task written on my to do list, and I immediately get overwhelmed and panicky.  That, my friends, is called anxiety and imo ADD.  But I’m no Dr. 

Sleeping all the time makes you a hated person. Nobody understands why you do what you do.  You don’t even understand it. You miss appointments. You are late for things.  You don’t participate in normal activities, your kids and family get pissed at you.  The list goes on…  And all you have to say for yourself is ” I was so tired, I forgot”. And that’s the truth! But good luck with that one!!! 

#tiredallthetime #chronicillness #chronicfatigue #sleepy #hypothyroidism

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