Missing Sasha

I admit-I miss Sasha like hell!  Already!   My daughter and I were fortunate to meet Sonequa Martin-Greene in Atlanta last  year.  She was soooooo friendly.  She gushed over my daughter bc she’s a huge fan!  Sonequa has a dazzling smile and her presence just hypnotizes you!  I do hope she will still be able to attend WSC ATL despite her new role.

Losing her on TWD was a huge deal to me.  I adored her character.  I felt the pain when she lost Bob but especially when she lost Tyreese.  This is another reason it’s a big deal.  Tyreese’s death was one of the absolute worse for me.  His episode was so beautiful.  Greg Nicotero did such a wonderful job in directing it!  I couldn’t have asked for better.  The music was the kind that burns into your skull, and it did burn right into mine. I hear that music and burst into tears!  Thanks for that, Bear McCreary.  Beautiful music!  But incredibly sad.

Back to Sasha.  Watching her over the years break and grow, break and grow again, has been heart – wrenching.  Then to watch Abraham fall in love with her really overjoyed me.  And  for  them to lose that love so quickly – oh, Gimple, you’re killing me!  I’m so glad the writers handled it the way that they did though.  Bringing Abraham back in the flashback brought tears to my eyes!  I’m so glad they addressed the question of why they did this to us and to our new favorite couple!!!! Just doesn’t seem fair, but that’s life. Especially in a zombie apocalypse. Farewell, Sasha. You kicked ass coming out of that casket the way you did! Abraham would have loved it! #twd #sonequamartingreen #sasha

My little Sasha ❤️

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