I’m never shopping alone again! 

I don’t think I’ll be going to Walmart by myself again.  The whole time I’m like a damsel in distress.  I went today bc we needed more groceries and my back is doing so much better. Shopping is okay for the most part, but checking out is awful. Luckily I had a gracious and patient cashier who kindly packed the basket for me. The baskets on scooters don’t hold as much as buggies, so I was loaded down.  Then get out to the parking lot, struggling to keep things from falling. The woman at the homeless vet table asks for a donation, I have no choice but to ignore her bc I’ve got one hand on the steering “wheel” & the other on my bag of bread about to fly away, & I’m looking straight ahead so I can see, then karma smacks me & my bread jumps in the air, I try to catch it, & my mile long receipt flitters away. So I have now littered in front of the woman! Then I juggle the bread and eggs till I get to the car. Well my remote decides not to work. So I’m struggling to find the trunk key, then It won’t work either! I finally get it, then pack the car for 10 mins. A nice girl asked if she could help, but I was almost done then. So as I’m parking the scooter, the cart guy runs up to me bc apparently the vet lady or somebody managed to wrangle my receipt in the wind, so he hands it to me. I awkwardly laugh & thank him, get in the car, which will not crank.  So I try over and over and over.  My car does this bc he’s a very moody car.  I try to motivate him & give him a pep talk (his name is George), but he’s not having it today. It’s not, it’s gross, I can’t breathe, & I’m stranded with a trunk full of meat. So, as I said before, the remote wouldn’t work.  Well neither will the hood pop open, bc when George throws tantrums, he totally shuts down!  So, I’m trying to wait til he has calmed down, embarrassed and contemplating what to do. Then the sweet little cart guy comes back, and offers assistance.  He had to hang on the hood a few times & finally George opened up! I explained that all it takes is jiggling the battery cables a couple of times. He did that, and then it cranked right up!  Naughty George! Shame on you! I thanked the guy for his service, and finally was able to go home! So that’s my Walmart hell story of the day.  & why I’m never going back alone! I do much better when I can use my kids as an excuse for my chaos! 😂😂😂😂

#shoppingwhiledisabled #imanawkwardwalmartshopper #whydoesgeorgedothistome

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