Response to “Autographs”

Totally get it, Ann Mahoney (honestly I call you Olivia 98% of the time. $15 is a great price, BTW, peeps! Most actors in supporting roles on TWD charge $40. I’d be happy to get a pic with her for $15! Olivia was a great character. And maybe one reason I think so is bc she was plus size, like me. But that’s okay. We need plus size characters in every show! And even though I would have liked to have been irritated by the fact that her size was brought into it, Negan did it in such a way that I couldn’t help but die laughing! I’m always gonna support a plus size actor. But beyond that fact, Ann Mahoney stands on her own merit. She’s a good actor and a beautiful person, and I love following her on Twitter!

I’ve only been to one con in my life. It was the epic Walker stalker Atlanta 2016. I loved every moment. I did a lot of research before the event, to find out how much money I needed. My mom helped fund the trip for me and my daughter. We had a blast. If it weren’t for my mom’s help, I would have been complaining about selfie prices too, lol. I totally get where Ann is coming from, from her view. She’s taking a weekend off to stand in a booth and smile and sign and take pics all day long. That can be exhausting. Of course, she should charge! But some actors charge way more than $15! And ordinary people like me have to make difficult decisions about who to get selfies with. It’s very hard to decide. If all stars broght down their price, then that decision wouldn’t be so hard. And if you can’t afford any selfies then it’s hardly worth it to even go to a con. You get to see panels hopefully since you aren’t in line for selfies and that’s worth general admission for sure, but after all the travel and money spent you want more to show for it. If everyone had selfies for $30-50, imagine how many more people could afford them! I can tell you who is $50 and under. At least last year.

Michael Cudlitz was $50. I totally respected that bc Abraham was a big character and had just suffered a big death. That made me really respect him even more. But it also made his life hella long, and I never got near him. $40 crew was Father Gabriel, Tyrese, Sophia, Eugene, Tara, Rosita, Ezekiel, Merle, & a few others smaller characters. Hershel & Nicholas were $30. T-Dogg and his adorable self was $20. The Great Nicotero was only $10! He had a way bigger life than I expected!

I know most of those actors only charged that much bc they are considered minor characters to the likes of Glenn, Rick,& Daryl. But I still appreciate it, bc it gave us the opportunity to get some great shots that we will always treasure! And BTW, Josh McDermitt only charges $40, and gives you up to 8 selfies that he takes himself with your phone! He’s awesome and definitely worth the money!

Thanks to those actors who keep it reasonable! To those who don’t, they know we are going to pay for their pictures anyway, so can you really blame them?!… Uh yeah, I actually do lol. But I still am Damn proud of my picture with Steven Yeun!


Preface: I want to be sure as you read this, you know it is meant in an informative and warm way. I’m not angry about this at all – but a few things that happened at a con recently inspired me to write this post. So think of a sunny, smiling face when you read this. ☺️

It happened again yesterday. A man and his daughter stopped by my signing table to say hi and tell me how much they love The Walking Dead. I always talk to everyone – regardless of whether or not they pay for an autographed photo or selfie. Then, the father said, “Can we take a picture with you?” My manager chimed in, “Of course, that’ll be $15.”

There was a pause. The man cocked his head sideways. “I have to PAY for a picture even if I take it with my OWN PHONE?” My…

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