TWD season finale 

So tonight is a highly anticipated episode.  We will see what our characters are willing to do for freedom.  What they are willing to sacrifice, who they are willing to lose, in order to break from Negan’s terrifying hold over them!  The March to war begins tonight!  But when will it end? 

I have not read any spoilers. I don’t know what will happen.  But in order to understand the choices that will be made tonight and the actions taken, I think it’s important to remember how Season 7 began.  That horrifying final scene that was left burned in our brains in episode 616.  Our strong indestructible group were broght down to their knees, quivering, trembling, in a sweaty Frenzy of terror, unsure of what would come next or if anyone would come out of it alive.  

We lost Abraham Ford, a steel warrior and symbol of bravery.  The only one who would dare to rise up to Negan at that moment and stare him in the eye.  The kill was shocking and telling of the powerful force we were now dealing with. What it means to be “Negan” .  Our hero was slaughtered to a pulp, leaving us to wonder how things could get worse. The lost of Abraham meant our group was truly broken.  

In hopes that it would soon be over, we watched as Negan boasted about his heinous act. Then to our horror, Daryl reacted.  Our hearts stopped as we waited to see if Daryl would live, and to our relief he was.  But out of nowhere, we lost our precious Glenn.  Glenn was our group’s moral compass.  Glenn had a child in the way. He and Maggie were finding a way to carry on.  The loss of Glenn can not be expressed enough.  The most of all hope, the loss of a Future for our favorite couple.  The loss of a face we have seen since 102.  Glenn was the one who saved Rick and helped reunited him with his family.  Glenn had been with us through every obstacle.  

As we prepare to fight tonight we carry the memories of all the ones we lost along the way.  We do this for the ones passed.  We do this for the  ones surviving.  We do this so that our group can stop surviving and LIVE.  

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