My Weekend with Lymphedema 

This past weekend was bound to be great! And it was! My daughter shined onstage in her dance performances.  We spent time with great friends, my aunt who was in town, and enjoyed staying in a beautiful hotel room that is normally too rich for our blood.  I traveled to the location with my two children.  My mother was supposed to join us but she was unfortunately hospitalized the day we left.  She usually goes with me on these trips and it takes a lot of the stress of  it, as far as driving and walking and keeping up with the kids.  We take turns with the driving and she usually handles the parking and drops me off at the door if necessary.  My mom is not in great shape either, obviously; hence, her hospitalization. But under normal circumstances, she can walk a  little bit better than me, and without assistance. I use my cane daily for any walking outside of my home.  But in large arenas, like a dance competition, I must use my Rollator which I just refer to as a walker.  It gives me a place to sit and rest when I can’t walk any further. Or in the embarrassing instances when I cannot fit into the seats.  Everything was going pretty well for us at the beginning. My leg was killing me by the time we got to the hotel Friday, but I  was still mobile and able to get upstairs with my Cain. Via elevator, of  course.  Parking worked out great on Saturday as well as Sunday.  However all the walking done on Saturday was what ultimately did me in.  We were in search of a restaurant or diner that afternoon so the kids could have lunch before my daughter’s solo.  

We walked everywhere.  I had to stop and rest a lot, which really slowed us down.  We never got anything to eat, bc we ran out of time. I don’t know why they didn’t have vendors in the building! So all this walking strained my thighs and caused them to swell horribly.  By Saturday night, I could barely move.  On Sunday, I was walking like a 99 year old.  This is what sucks about lymphedema. It always beats you down!  Since I was the only adult, I had to drive us back home on sunday.  A maximum five hour drive under normal circumstances, but usually less if you limit the bathroom breaks.  I had taken my Synthroid that morning for my hypothyroidism.  I had also just had a big lunch.  Either way, there was no reason for me to be that exhausted but I was.  

By the time we got on the interstate, I was struggling.  I was so sleepy suddenly.  I tried conversating with my daughter, but she was falling asleep herself!  As was my son!  We were all exhausted, but it hit me the worst.  I fought with myself from Birmingham to Tuscaloosa, considering propping open my eyelids with toothpicks, and then I had to stop.  I went to the bathroom. I exercised my painful, throbbing legs.  I bought myself an M&M McFlurry bc the coldness of the ice cream wakes me up. This did not last very long though.  I was so happy to cross into Columbus, Mississippi.  However it was then that I knew I could no longer go on.  The pain in my legs was so bad that I was crying in front of my children. I couldn’t stay awake to save my life. It was only 7:00 at this time, but I told them to decide what they wanted for dinner bc I was buying it then and we were going to a hotel room.  With only an hour and a half to go, I had to give up and let LE win.  

The next day, after a flat tire, service truck, and lunch, we were back on the road.  Once again I had taken my Synthroid which is supposed to help fight against thyroid-induced fatigue.   As soon as we pulled into the highway, I was yawning and my eyes are closing.  I prayed, hoping that I could just get my kids home in one piece. We stopped in Starkville for my daughters allergy shot and I napped in the car while my kids were in the clinic.  Then I took them to get fro-yo so that I could nap in the parking lot.  FINALLY, we made it home intact and alive.  Thank God! It took us hours. I won’t lie, and there are times I didn’t think we would make it.  

I have stayed in bed for over 48 hours since we got home, with the exception of bathroom breaks and doing little things, like getting me or my son something to drink or eat.  Luckily I have wonderful sisters who help me get the kids to school and where they need to be, and help with grocery shopping.  Of course, dinner every night has been fast food.  I am awake more often now but for the first 36 hours i was hibernating like a Grizzly.  Now I’m back into my pattern of sleep a few hours and be awake a few hours. Ugh.  This lymphedema stuff never gets any easier.  My legs are still hurting , but much better than they were.  However I don’t think I could do much walking right now, even with the walker.  I’m sick of being in bed, I’m sick of sitting here, and I’m too tired and pained to get up and go somewhere.  I’m gonna ride this out and hope I’ll be back on my feet by the weekend.  Bc this is bull.  My mom should get out of the hospital today, so I’m grateful for that.  Not for me, but for her, of course. She’s had a rough  time, but that’s gonna be explained another time when we learn about Myasthenia Gravis.  Pray for her please❤️ thanks for reading! My hands and arms are going numb. Have a great day!! 

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