Don’t buy into the negative hype about Beauty and the Beast. WONDERFUL FILM! Do yourself a favor and see it!

Beauty and the Beast was absolutely amazing!! The script followed the original Disney film almost word for word. Songs that never made it to the original film were used. The scenes were recreated frame by frame! The sets were exquisite and an exact copy of the animated backgrounds. It was breath-taking! If you were a huge fan of the movie as a child then you are going to fall in love and be as enchanted as I was! It was always one of my favorite Disney movies, and they did it perfectly!!!! Bravo! I had my doubts about Emma Watson As Belle, but she was wonderful! They were all wonderful!

And please forget all the hoopla that’s being said about this film and the characters! It only hints that LeFou might have a crush on Gaston, and it could easily just be envy. There is a scene at the end where for one second it shows everyone dancing and then LeFou and another guy begin to dance together. Big deal. Certainly not the first time that’s happened in a family film or show. Does this mean the characters are gay? An adult or teen might be able to see it, but children will not bc it’s not presented as a main point of the film.

I am telling you this bc the misguided outrage and misinformation about this is beyond ridiculous! It’s a non – issue. i have seen way more in some of your favorite shows that your kids have probably seen you watch. It’s not teaching children to be gay or pushing any type of agenda. Did the writers do this to normalize Gay characters? If so, then I call it a tiny step in the right direction. Because Gay people ARE NORMAL. They are everywhere, and I know that you know this! They serve you at restaurants, they do your hair and nails, they ring up your purchases in stores. They assist you when you are sick in the hospital. They are doctors, lawyers, teachers, dentists, florists, bakers, librarians, policeman, fireman, etc. It is normal to see and know Gay people, and you likely have them in your life, either in your family or friends of your family. It is normal to see Gay people in everyday life because it is normal to be gay in everyday life. You don’t have to like it, but you do need to treat them with kindness and respect, and not act repulsed because they are represented by a minor character in a movie. Don’t boycott things just because people are gay. You wouldn’t want someone boycotting you. Don’t boycott them.

Also, this goes for interracial couples as well. I loved the movie for this! It was inclusive and showed several different races and interracial couples! Thank you, Disney! And thank you, Bill Condon and the cast and crew of #BeautyandtheBeast!!! 🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹

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