Why I can’t stop talking about Donald Trump

I hear a lot that I complain about 45 too much.  Why can’t I give him a chance? Why can’t I just shut my mouth and watch as the White House burns down to the ground?  Why do I antagonize the very people I love dearly by posting incessantly about the latest thing this buffoon has done, said, or tweeted?! The answer is simple.  You voted how you felt you should, and so did I.  But it doesn’t matter who I voted for.  I’m not gonna stand by and watch a narcissistic tyrant destroy our nation.  No one should.  I gave trump a chance. I gave him a chance to apologize for the comments about Mexicans.  I gave him a chance to apologize about what he said about the former Miss Universe.  I then listened as he rallied a base who frankly scare the hell out of me!  I’m a mom.  I’m a daughter.  I’m a sister, and I’m a friend. Most importantly, I’m an ally.

I protest Trump because  I love you.  I advocate for all people from all walks of life to have the opportunity to live that life as they see fit.  I believe in human rights. I believe in equality and inclusiveness.  It upsets me when I see a man who once mocked a disabled reporter in front of a cheering crowd be allowed to continue his Campaign for president and then be elected!!  I gave him a chance to apologize for that.  He has repeatedly denied it ever happened.  He has spoken badly about women, calling them pigs.  He personally attacked Megyn Kelly (who I don’t even like), but she didn’t deserve to be treated as he treated her.  So many terrible things he said on the campaign trail, continually rallying a base of angry, hostile, racist, misogynistic, Muslim – hating bigots.  He instigated hate.  He encouraged it.  He thrives on it.

Trump is a king on the throne of bigotry. He admitted to “taking” what he wanted on that now infamous recording from Access Hollywood. That is why it’s defined as sexual assault, people.  And he dismissed this as “locker room talk”. No apologies to the public for having to listen to that garbage.   45 believes he can do no wrong.  And he loves attention.  If you can’t tell by now, he’s a big crybaby when the attention is negative.  Well, crybaby Trump, the attention is negative because  you are such a negative person. I have never seen a presidential speech from any president where all he did was yell and talk about himself.

I have given 45 chance after chance from the moment he was sworn in. And what did he do? He spoke about carnage and this bleak America that I do not know. An inaugural speech is supposed to be hopeful and inspiring.  That was not the vibe.  Since then, every moment has been a circus.  He’s cutting things that I would never have imagined any human would want to cut! Organizations that rely on federal funding.  What did Big Bird ever do to you, 45?  Please don’t ask me anymore why I can’t give our new “leader” a chance!  He has a new chance every day to start fresh, but he just won’t take it.

And so I will continue to talk about Donald Trump and rant about his stupidity, selfishness, and fragile ego.  I will protest his policies, budget cuts, and speeches.  Because Donald Trump doesn’t care about you, my friends.  My allies.  You need to take a long look into why you aren’t protesting this man.  He is tearing our country down, and the GOP  is allowing him to do it. That party ain’t looking so grand right now, is it?

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