Canada Day Festival 1991

Some observations about one of my favorite Crash Test Dummies performances… #1 My deepest gratitude to the person who posted this performance! I just wish the whole thing had been televised! #2 Hearing CTD play live always makes me like the songs that much more. I mean, in my opinion, this performance of these threeContinue reading “Canada Day Festival 1991”

Rick’s Explosive Exit

So, The Walking Dead tonight was positively mind-blowing! More than I ever thought it would be! The ending definitely threw viewers for a loop, when we were certain Rick was going to die! Instead, Jadis/Anne found him lying on the bank of the river and convinced the “magic helicopter” to take them both to theContinue reading “Rick’s Explosive Exit”

In reference to Bette Midler’s recent tweet —

I really like Bette midler. Her tweets amuse me but also often make very valid points. While what she is saying ,I think, is true, that’s not how I would word it. I don’t personally think any of us should get into a “who’s more oppressed” contest. Because there are a lot of populations whoContinue reading “In reference to Bette Midler’s recent tweet —”