In reference to Bette Midler’s recent tweet —

I really like Bette midler. Her tweets amuse me but also often make very valid points. While what she is saying ,I think, is true, that’s not how I would word it. I don’t personally think any of us should get into a “who’s more oppressed” contest. Because there are a lot of populations whoContinue reading “In reference to Bette Midler’s recent tweet —”

Do our brains & body “adapt” to chronic pain?

Chronic pain is such a strange phenomenon. Mainly in the way that a person learns to adapt to it. I have my usual excruciating pains, then when a new pain is introduced, I realize “this is new and something isn’t right.” So I go get it checked out. If it’s a mystery pain or somethingContinue reading “Do our brains & body “adapt” to chronic pain?”