My review of Sam’s Town Hotel in Tunica MS… Very unhappy!

Sam's Town Hotel & Gambling Hall Tunica Mississippi NOT KID FRIENDLY! HOTEL NEEDS TO INFORM BOOKING SITES & GUESTS THAT THE POOL IS OFF LIMITS TO CHILDREN! Unexpected deposit fee of $50 required. Pool is no longer available to children & hotel does not inform prospective guests of this. Booking sites need to add this [...]

Netflix shows to binge this summer

So far, I've binged a couple of shows this summer. When Thirteen Reasons Why season 2 was released, I started at the beginning and watched both seasons. That show is magnificent. It's a really great show about bullying, date rape, and its consequences. I know it's kinda targeted towards teens, but I won't let my [...]

Making new year’s resolutions that will stick

This is probably the #1 problem with new year's resolutions!  Sticking to them! So for years I have opted to resolve to nothing.  This year I decided to something a little different.  There are goals I want to accomplish before my eventual death, & I need to get started!  So this year my resolution is [...]

Disrespected & Unappreciated 

I feel like no one respects my time or what I need to do. Nobody cares that my kids didn't get a summer break. Nobody cares that they don't have what they need for school Friday.  Nobody cares that my house and belongings are being destroyed daily.  And I'm sure this will make people pissed [...]

Transgender man has biological child with partner

‚ÄčThat's so sweet! I'm so happy that they are able to have this opportunity bc it is rare & beautiful!! ‚̧ԳŹ #normalizetrans

I’m never shopping alone again!¬†

I don't think I'll be going to Walmart by myself again.  The whole time I'm like a damsel in distress.  I went today bc we needed more groceries and my back is doing so much better. Shopping is okay for the most part, but checking out is awful. Luckily I had a gracious and patient [...]

Shoe Shopping with Lymphedema

One of the biggest challenges secondary to managing your lymohedema is finding shoes that actually fit and are affordable. A little style would be nice too.  But beggars can't be choosers, right? And I feel like living a life with lymphedema, I am begging enough.  So I will continue to beg... New Balance, please I [...]

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