My review of Thrive

So I finally tried the "women's vitamins" from Thrive, and I wanted to share my experience. First I will disclose that the conditions of the experiment were not perfect. I had woken up at 4am because I usually can't get more than 5 hours sleep at a time. So I took both pills at about [...]

Rick’s Explosive Exit

So, The Walking Dead tonight was positively mind-blowing! More than I ever thought it would be! The ending definitely threw viewers for a loop, when we were certain Rick was going to die! Instead, Jadis/Anne found him lying on the bank of the river and convinced the "magic helicopter" to take them both to the [...]

In reference to Bette Midler’s recent tweet —

I really like Bette midler. Her tweets amuse me but also often make very valid points. While what she is saying ,I think, is true, that's not how I would word it. I don't personally think any of us should get into a "who's more oppressed" contest. Because there are a lot of populations who [...]

Do our brains & body “adapt” to chronic pain?

Chronic pain is such a strange phenomenon. Mainly in the way that a person learns to adapt to it. I have my usual excruciating pains, then when a new pain is introduced, I realize "this is new and something isn't right." So I go get it checked out. If it's a mystery pain or something [...]

Orange is the New Black Represents Everything That’s Wrong with Our Prison System

"The Animals"... That's the title of Episode 412. That's the title of the theme song that plays before every episode. So immediately you think that we are finally seeing how bad the "animals" can actually behave. But it's a trick. The episode is not about how animalistic & horrible the inmates can be. It's about [...]

Mississippi is forcing chronic pain sufferers to be drug tested in order to get meds

Mississippi has enacted a new law which forces patients to get drug tested before their physician is allowed to write a new prescription for their monthly narcotic pain management. Let me tell you what's wrong with this law. I know the "opioid crisis" has been talked about a lot & it has destroyed lives. I [...]

Chloe Dykstra should face consequences for false claims against Chris Hardwick

This bitch is too much! She knew what she was doing! She just wanted to cause drama in Chris's life & his new marriage. She is jealous & spiteful! And so very full of bullshit! It makes me furious that she tried to ruin Chris's life & a career he has worked so hard to [...]

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